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Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes are affilated to Puppy School, which was founded by and is directed by world renowned dog trainer and behaviourist Gwen Bailey. This class is open to vaccinated pups under 20 weeks. All classes are kept small so we can give you and your pup 1-1 attention.

On the course we cover:​

  • Walking on a loose lead, learning not to pull

  • Positions -Sit, stand and down

  • Coming when called

  • Greeting people appropriately without jumping up

  • Stay/Wait

  • Gentle’ (taking food from hands gently)

  • Stop play biting

  • Socialise with adults, children, and other puppies attending class

  • Get used to being handled and examined for vets and groomers

  • Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chews

  • Settle

The course is £88 (plus £1 booking fee) and consists of 6x 50minute evening classes. Telephone/email support is included.


SuperPup is the next stage on from our Puppy School course On the course we will show you fun ways to develop and utilise your puppy’s superpowers and turn chaos into confidence and calm. Improve your bond and working relationship between you and your dog, improving focus in distracting situations.


Take your puppy's boundless energy and develop it into super skills for life! From sidekick to superhero in just 6 weeks!

On the course we cover;

  • Loose lead walking

  • Improving your puppy’s recall

  • Fun scent games

  • Self control exercises

  • Confidence building exercises

  • Meeting and greeting people and other dogs appropriately

  • Door manners

  • Handling exercises

Contact us for more information on the SuperPup course.

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Puppy School 3.jpg
Puppy School 3.jpg

Late Starter/Refresher Course

If your puppy has missed out on classes, then don’t worry, our late starter course will take you and your dog through all the basics. Dogs are eligible to join this course from 20 weeks of age, there is no upper age limit.


In this course we cover:

  • Preventing jumping up people

  • Self control exercises

  • Walking on a loose lead-learning not to pull

  • Stay/Wait

  • Recall- Coming when called

  • Introducing your dog to new things

  • Meeting and greeting people and other dogs appropriately

  • Preparing your dog for being handled

Private Training

If a group or class environment is not suitable for you or your dog then private training sessions can be arranged.


1-1 sessions are available covering a variety of issues from pulling on the lead to your dog not coming back when called and more complex behavioural issues.


All training methods used are positive, using treats and play to motivate your dog.


A full detailed personalised written plan  is provided following the training session. 

Sessions cost £50 weekday £75 Weekends and last 60-75 minutes. Various packages are available depending on training requirements.

Telephone/email support included.

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Puppy School 2.jpg


Brush up on a variety of skills at one of our workshops, we revisit all the basics and more to get you and your dog back on track!

Some of the topics covered;

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recall

  •  An introduction to Scent

  • An  introduction to Competitive Obedience


Please contact us for prices and availability.

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Puppy Home Visits

Bringing a new puppy home can be daunting and challenging. With our expert guidance we can help get you and your puppy off on the right paw.

We can help with all aspects of your new arrivals needs, from toilet training to teaching that all important recall.

We will provide you with a personalised detailed plan to follow.

Sessions last 1 hour and cost £45.

Image by hannah grace
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